Choosing Wealth™ Calculator

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Our patented calculator and your unique financial questions.
For less than a dollar a week just ten cents a day, using the Choosing Wealth™ Calculator could help you with important decisions worth far more. At our introductory price of only $36.50/year, it’s plain smart. And, you don’t need a calculator to figure that out. Subscribe today! It can help you calculate your best wealth creation, consolidation, protection and income choices based your data and your assumptions. Plus, your subscription includes membership with member-only content in!



Use the Choosing Wealth™ Calculator with a variety of data and assumptions as a guide to making more informed wealthy choices about your current or future financial circumstances. See the Webinars page for examples.

Our patented calculator is color-coded to help you know which keys should be used together for your calculations. Also, for convenience and accuracy, the Choosing Wealth™ Calculator displays the values you enter and calculation results below the color-coded keys.


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