Choosing Wealth™ Calculator

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Our patented calculator and your unique financial questions.
For less than a dollar a week just ten cents a day, using the Choosing Wealth™ Calculator could help you with important decisions worth far more. At our introductory price of only $36.50/year, it's plain smart. And, you don't need a calculator to figure that out. Get yours today! It can help you calculate your best wealth creation, consolidation, protection and income choices based your data and your assumptions. Includes on-going subscriber-only content.


Use the Choosing Wealth™ Calculator with a variety of data and assumptions as a guide to making more informed wealthy choices about your current or future financial circumstances. See the Webinars page for examples.

Our patented calculator is color-coded to help you know which keys should be used together for your calculations. Also, for convenience and accuracy, the Choosing Wealth™ Calculator displays the values you enter and calculation results below the color-coded keys.