The ability to choose wealth on a routine basis requires wealth literacy. Our mission is to enhance your wealth literacy. Throughout our websites and in our store you will find that we are single-minded about that one principle. The Wealth Choosers Club membership is your best buy – a wealthy choice to be sure – since you get all our products and full access to the Wealth Literacy Institute in the membership.


Choosing Wealth® Calculator subscription $36.50/year, regularly $49/year.
The Wealth Choosers Club membership $79 initiation/$49 renewal, regularly $89/$59.

Once you become a member of the Wealth Choosers Club or buy the Choosing Wealth® Calculator you have taken the first step on your journey toward wealth. Now, it is up to you to determine your goals and develop your M.A.P – Millionaire Action Plan!

The bottom line – who has greater interest in your prosperity? Is it up to your boss, or your family, or the lottery to make you wealthy? Uh – that would be a big fat no! It’s on you. The first step is learning. The Wealth Literacy Institute and the Choosing Wealth® Calculator can help! We’ll show you lots of questions to ask – and how to answer them.