The ability to choose wealth on a routine basis requires wealth literacy. Our mission is to enhance your wealth literacy. Throughout our platform you will find we are single-minded about that one principle. The Wealth Choosers Club option is your best choice – a wealthy choice to be sure – since it’s a lifetime membership to the Choosing Wealth® Calculator and Wealth Literacy Institute, plus the book Wealthy by Choice.

Once you join us you will have taken an important step on your journey toward wealth. It is up to you to put some discipline behind your desire, determine your goals and develop your M.A.P – Millionaire Action Plan!

The bottom line – who has greater interest in your prosperity? Is it up to your boss, or your family, or the lottery to make you wealthy? Uh – that would be a big fat no! It’s on you. The first step is learning. The Wealth Literacy Institute and the Choosing Wealth® Calculator can help! We’ll show you lots of questions to ask – and how to answer them.