Wealth Choosers Club

$79 initiation / $49 annual recurring

Discounted from $89 initiation for a Limited Time


Membership Means More!
The Choosing Wealth® Calculator is a great buy at the introductory price of only ten cents a day. So, we decided to discount the Wealth Choosers Club membership from $89 initiation/$59 renewal to $79 initiation/$49 renewal, for a limited time, too. Being a Wealth Chooser adds even more value with exclusive webinars, blogs and more through our WealthLiteracyInstitute.com portal to help you Learn and Do on your journey to wealth. Use the book Wealthy by Choice and the Choosing Your Path to Wealth Calendar and Diary to enhance your use of the Choosing Wealth® Calculator, increase your wealth literacy, and pursue happiness with the results.



Included with your Wealth Choosers Club initiation:


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