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What’s In Your Retirement Future?

“I’m 48 and want to retire in 15 years. If I expect to live to 85 and my money to grow at 6% a year, how much would I need at the start of retirement to finance a $60,000 annual lifestyle with inflation of 4% a year through my retirement years?”

Our innovative calculator also employs color-coded keys that are used together for your calculations. For convenience and accuracy, the Choosing Wealth® Calculator displays the values you enter in the variables and calculation results below the keys.


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The Choosing Wealth® Calculator can help with

What rate of return will I need to finance my desired level of spending in retirement?
I know my social security and pension won’t be enough. How much will I need in personal savings to fill the gap?
I want to retire. How much can I afford to spend without running out of money?
How much will I need to invest a year to reach my retirement funding goal?
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