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Simple to Use

Easy to do! Enter your values then select color-coded variable and calculation keys. For convenience and accuracy, the Choosing Wealth® Calculator displays the values you enter and calculation results below the keys. You can print results tables for Green and Yellow calculations, and toggle help on and off, too.

Unlimited Scenarios for Targeted Results

You are in control of the values you use and the assumptions you make. For example, how much you start with or rate of return or inflation. Use the Choosing Wealth® Calculator to run comparisons that guide you to the wealthiest choice.

Safe and Secure is a secure site and your entries and results are never captured or stored by our company or our platform.

User Guide and How to Videos

Need some help getting started? View the Quick Start Guide here! A few introductory webinars are here.

Image of the Choosing Wealth™ Calculator screen simulation

The Choosing Wealth® Calculator can help with

What rate of return will I need to finance my desired level of spending in retirement?
I know my social security and pension won’t be enough. How much will I need in personal savings to fill the gap?
I want to retire. How much can I afford to spend without running out of money?
How much will I need to invest a year to reach my retirement funding goal?