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Indulge Yourself In A Comparison

  1. Other financial calculators are good for one specific calculation. The Choosing Wealth® Calculator can be used for multiple calculations without having to change tools or pages.
  2. Other financial calculators make assumptions that do not apply to you, or do not allow for assumptions that are unique to you. The Choosing Wealth® Calculator puts you in total control.
  3. Other retirement calculators calculate the probability of achieving one’s retirement goal. The Choosing Wealth® Calculator focuses on calculating “how much is needed” to achieve one’s goal.

The Choosing Wealth® Calculator is now available online in a form designed to make it quick and easy to calculate solutions to a wide variety of personal finance questions. For example:

“I’m 48 and want to retire in 15 years. If I expect to live to 85, and expect inflation to average 4% a year, how much would I need at the start of retirement to finance a $5,000 / month lifestyle through my retirement years?”

“If I bought a $200,000 house instead of one costing $250,000, and invested the $50,000 I didn’t spend, how much more would that add to my retirement income if I expect to retire in 18 years?”

The Choosing Wealth® Calculator is available as follows:
1. try it out for three days for free – see more here
2. as a one year subscription stand alone product – see more here
3. with membership in the Wealth Choosers Club – see more here

Our innovative calculator also employs color-coded keys that are used together for your calculations. For convenience and accuracy, the Choosing Wealth® Calculator displays the values you enter in the variables and calculation results below the keys.


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The Choosing Wealth® Calculator can help with

What rate of return will I need to finance my desired level of spending in retirement?
I know my social security and pension won’t be enough. How much will I need in personal savings to fill the gap?
I want to retire. How much can I afford to spend without running out of money?
How much will I need to invest a year to reach my retirement funding goal?