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A book about one woman’s journey from middle class to millionaire.
Join the author as she learns about wealth, applies the knowledge to help herself and her clients, and develops a program to help people learn how to choose wealth for themselves. Buy yours today!

“Learn and Do” – This book tells how she did it.
Full of insight and wisdom, the author’s story reveals how her everyday desire to learn and ambition to succeed were the basics she employed to step from ordinary to extraordinary. She shares her wealth choices with the reader in recognizable and easy to understand stories that inform and motivate. Choose wealth today and buy this book at Amazon, or through our Store as part of our package deals.

Wealthy by Choice by Ilene Davis, CFP®, MBA - click to buy at Amazon
Review of Wealthy By Choice - the book
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Told my friends

Got this as a gift and find myself reading a tip or story frequently. I tell friends how it’s helping me.

More than just tips to save

More like strategies for wealth building and lifestyle. I wish I learned this years ago.

Easy To Read - Like a Cookbook for Financial Success !!

I loved reading this book (and am sharing it with my adult children) because it provided valuable financial tips and information in a format that is quick and entertaining to read. The Tables that are provided in the back of the book applied to me personally – they are like a cookbook for financial success. You can’t go wrong with the advice in this book !!

Recommended Reading

Paired with Wealthy by Choice and the Choosing Wealth® Calculator these books make up the Millionaire In The Making program presented by the Wealth Literacy Institute for organizations and self-paced individuals.